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Excellent Experience @ BDK b/c we chose our perfect dog wisely, trained him extensively & have loved him unconditionally & Kai is best dog in world. Kai flies on airplanes in coach.

Kai is my wife's trained Mobility Service Dog. Melanie has had MS for 7 yrs. We looked at 5 different Rottie litters & hated the dogs w/ the smushed faces. Kai was a Service Dog in classroom with Elementary age children for 4 yrs.

At age 7.5 my wife is retired from teaching but Kai still provides mobility support helping Melanie walk, etc. BDK had 23 puppies. We quickly looked at best 3 male pups. We tested the pups for 5 hrs to find the dog best suited for 2 years of Service Dog training.

We spent $24,000 training Kai. Money well spent. Most people have no business owning a Rottweiler. Kai is incredibly socialized.

He is examined & prodded by TSA agents checking for bombs, etc. everytime goes thru airport security. Never an issue. He swims everywhere.

We're in Costa Rica the next 3 months. He's good w/other dogs, kids, adults. He is highly protective of our property and his parents. We've owned many dogs.

The picture on the site of dog that someone is pissed with looks like Kai's brother. Loved up, cared for & constant attention & trained properly & all of these dogs can be exceptional. Kai can also determine bad people instantly & they do not bother us. He gives them his "I don't trust you look" & they move.

We have been to Urban Hospitals all over U.S. seeking care for my sick wife. We didn't take him w/ us to the inauguration b/c I didn't trust Democrat protesters & Antifa protesters threatened to beat us up while I was pushing Melanie's wheelchair. If Kai would have been with us, he & I together may have caused National News but all the murderous threats those filthy Antifa *** said to me & my disabled wife would never have happened had Kai been with us.

He parts the sea period. You confront us & he makes you back off. We love Rottweilers. We love Rottweilers that don't have smushed in faces.

We love Giant Rottweilers that run like the wind, have great hips, bones, muscles, etc. Kai is 7 1/2 and he ran on the beach & swam in the ocean today in Costa Rica like he was 6 months old. Now we love him like he is our 3rd son. BDK is far from perfect.

We never perseverated on AKC. We wanted super healthy, smart dog that lives to do work to help my wife. Kai is perfect for his job. My only regret is that we didn't freeze Kai's semen.

And we fear that we will never be able to find another dog as perfect as he is. He played today with a 14 week old Lab puppy & a 12 yr old Lab. I've talked to several people upset with their dogs. Kai started training 16 weeks.

Every month for the next 2 yrs Kai lived w/ us 2 weeks then lived w/trainer for 2 weeks. Our trainer also trained dogs for Drug sniffing dogs for DEA & bomb sniffing dogs for TSA. Training was intense, challenging & tough. He hasn't been trained for 5 1/2 yrs.

He hasn't flown in plane for 3 1/2 yrs d/t my wife's declining health. We flew to Costa Rica 3 days ago. He was perfect. United sucked but Kai was perfect.

Because United had broken plane @ gate + snow & ice our 4 1/2 non stop flight turned into a 14 hr nightmare. Boarding - Deplaning - Waiting 3 hrs for Plane to be fixed - Re boarding - 1 1/2 hr waiting for De Icing - Waiting additional 1 hr for takeoff. No place in inside Newark Security for Pet Relief, Kai was forced to hold his bladder for 14 hrs. He did an amazing job.

Flight attendants said he was the best behaved living creature on the flight. When I ask other Breeders if they have a Rottweilers that look & act like Kai, they generally respond that they've never had a single dog that has worked daily in an Elementary classroom & traveled in plane w/ over 30 flights w/ not one issue. When it's time to get another Rottweiler we will likely see Linda first. I want to meet Father & Mother & test all the pups.

We have our big dogs for 10-15 yrs. We select the pup that we know will be perfect for us. Then we make ourselves accountability to invest in the education & parenting of that dog that he understands that Melanie & I are ALPHA. Kai is huge but he has never questioned a single command that we've given him in 7 1/2 years.

Sorry for bragging about Kai but when I read all the complaints I can't help but feel that many people have no business ever owning a Rottweiler. Sincerely, ike

Product or Service Mentioned: Big Dog Kennel Rottweiler Dog.

Reason of review: Good quality.

I liked: Loved the quality of the dogs, Our dogs intelligence, Love our dogs bravery, Love our dogs beauty.

I didn't like: Quality of the facilities the dogs were held in.

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