Montpelier, Virginia

Hello...I'm the owner of Big dog kennel

I have been in business raising only full reg AKC Rottweilers since 1999

And am in good standing with AKC, they do an inspection of my kennel, dogs, microchips and DNA yearly

They have no complaints since I started up again

I also have current state and county inspections that comply with all codes, and humane care beyond what's called for, never in 20 yrs getting a citation

I could not have maintained my biz this long by doing what this lady said

I do remember the people, my question is why didn't they express their concerns at the time with me ?

They gave a good report of my dogs quality, and care, which was nice of them:)

Had they looked into it further, they would have found that I registered the two litters, born 4 days apart at 4 weeks old,

I am a little slow filling out online forms ( I have been timed out or put names where numbers belong etc) I'm 71 now, not an excuse, however I mixed up the father of each litter, realized it soon after

I called AKC, they were nice and had me fill out a correction form...

It takes about 15 days to process a correction due to it all being done by snail mail

The original papers were here and I WAS waiting for the new ones

I wish I still knew her name as I would like to try to explain to her that all pups or dogs leave with their papers with no exceptions since I took my biz back from my son Eric in 2012 who ran it for 5 yrs

(I wanted to retire )

In 2010-12 I lost my 22 Ac kennel/farm due to overextending for new kennels and septics I moved to a 1 1/2 Ac place and built 6 kennels and built an 80 ft roofed kennel on a neighbors farm

with my 2 full offices thrown into boxes, it was almost impossible to catch up

I had to have 3 hip operations 2011-12, almost died, went to a nursing home followed by 2 yrs of deep depression ..,

Since then I have kept back pups from my line so all my 15 dogs now are from my own foundation stock with cert OFA hips and elbows since 2004 ( I give a written 5 yr guarantee to replace a pup in the event of joint issues,but have not had to give one for many years )

My dogs, loyal repeat customers, 2/3 of my sales, have helped me live life with joy again

I would like to continue showing people how sweet Rotties can be, as was my goal that built my solid reputation

I'm now am training and certifying a few miniature horses and Rotts to visit the children's hospital and maybe underprivileged urban kids groups

If there is any one out there that wants to talk to me I urge u to contact me so I can try to correct any problems currently

Thank u for reading this message, God offers second chances, why can't people

Yours truly,

Linda Howard

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Tappahannock, Virginia, United States #1331117

I wish we had done our research before buying from this lady.When we purchased our rottweiler in May 2016 we were promised papers within 120 days.


We even threatened with court and she said "go ahead I have nothing and I wont show up".She is incredibly rude and unprofessional.

Midlothian, Virginia, United States #1240359

Make amends and pay me for the loss of King and remove his photo from your site you have never had my permission to use it.

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