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On feb 10,2016 I purchased a male from her. She showed me the parents suggesting the size he could be. I left with her promising to send me his AKC papers. The next day I took him to the vet (as she recommended)  and he was diagnosed with parasites. When I called and told her this, she then informs me that her kennels are clean and that she was selling my puppy for someone else. Linda said let her know what the vet cost and she... Read more

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I paid Linda 1250.00 gor and adult female named gi gi. This was six months ago. I paid for her rabies shot because she was not sure when she was last vaccinated. I paid 250.00 for a titre shot because I live out of the usa this is required. When I call or text her all she says Is I need more money. I told her that I was not sending her a penny more until I get confirmation of my titre shot. Now she is not communicating. She is a *** artist &... Read more

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I love the new post Linda did. She has had A plethora of complaints since she moved to Hanover. She was kicked out of Verina for dog abuse. She went to Charles city where she was shut down. Then she came to Hanover and runs a horrible business once again. I have numerous other breeders and cops tell me how awful she is and I have had a very very very bad experience with her for which I have recordings and a file on her. She had managed to find... Read more

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Review about Big Dog Kennel Rottweiler Puppy from Montpelier, Virginia
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Hello...I'm the owner of Big dog kennel I have been in business raising only full reg AKC Rottweilers since 1999 And am in good standing with AKC, they do an inspection of my kennel, dogs, microchips and DNA yearly They have no complaints since I started up again I also have current state and county inspections that comply with all codes, and humane care beyond what's called for, never in 20 yrs getting a citation I could not have maintained... Read more

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I just want to thank you all so much for the reviews... I contacted a lady off hoobly with pups for sale and she passed my info to Linda who called me back offering me her pup. Her price was really high compare to why I'd been looking to spend, at the time I didn't know I was speaking to the owner of BDK. She never told me that. So after seeing her pics I decided I would go check them out and we had agreed on the phone to reduce the price from... Read more

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We bought our pup December of 2007. She was a beautiful and wonderful pup. We too did not receive papers with her which should had been a red flag. We were suckered in my some of her practices like stepping into a container of bleach and water before walking into the puppy building and applying Purel to your hand before touching a pup. She said she was preventing parvoe. She made us initial several lines on her contract, one in which if we... Read more

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We bought our boy from her in 2005. He is just about 10 years old. We have never had any issues at all with him. Great dog. However, he has ALWAYS been very skiddish, has had terrible anxiety and cowers down. We have NEVER smacked our dog, but yet, he acts as though he is a rescue dog that was previously abused. My husband and I have always said that we think our dog was mistreated prior to us buying him. He was almost a year old when we... Read more

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We purchased a female puppy about 5 years ago now and since then we have had nothing but health issues, mainly with her joints. In the past 5 years our dog has had corrective surgery on both elbows for dysplasia, 2 TPLO surgeries to repair torn ACLs and now is suffering from a pinched nerve in her spine (medically manageable but still) and x-rays show mild hip dysplasia. Both our vet and the surgeon have concluded that all these issues are... Read more

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She always advertise that she have puppies for sale but when I ask for pictures she don't send them and she's always in the hospital. Why is she so high is a question to? $3000 for a puppy that she says u get a guarantee for 5 years for hip!! I dnt believe it if some people cant even get the dogs registered... People even complained and said the puppies had mites.

Add comment She is running an illegal breeding kennel! She doesn't have a business listens to operate!!!!!

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